Charged with Peace

Those in a position have a greater responsibility to lead morally and consistently and for the purpose of promoting well being of those under their authority. That is common sense but also reinforced by God in His Word. He holds those in charge, whether it is charge of their household or charge of a state or country or company, to a higher standard of conduct. The position of power dictates they act in a way that reflects their understanding that people will suffer for their neglegence and prosper for their successes. As such, God holds stronger penalties against those who abuse that power. He says so in the Bible. It is quite clear. So having a position of power with which you take advantage and flaunt and gratify self instead of doing your job for the best of your people is a crime God takes seriously and will punish heavily, if not now then for eternity after. That is the truth. Look it up for yourself. It is serious and we Ned to remember that with great power comes great responsibility.


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