In Love with my Husband

My husband and I are a team. We may annoy each other sometimes, but everyone does. We work well together. We play music well together and we can tell each other any and everything. It is really good to be able to have a relationship like that. We grow closer daily and I respect him. This is an age where few people stay together and fewer do happily, and I am honored to say that there is hope and seven years strong for us proves that. God chose wisely when he picked my husband for me. I have not always thought so because doubt hits everyone at some point on some level, and I am sure he has wanted to get away from me sometimes, but God worked it out as we remained obedient and loyal to the best of our abilities, and as we draw close to God, we draw close to each other and that is beautiful. It is worth celebrating such a rare gift. When God gives you a spouse, you becomes “us”. There is a cooperative, a common interest and goal, kids to raise together, household to run together. That is a precious thing, something worth putting an effort into and respecting and honoring. Apart from God, it is the most important entity and earns a lofty importance above that of just ourselves. If you cannot put your pride away sometimes in the interest of that precious and sacred bond, you rob your union of success by promoting yourself above it. We cannot do as much for God alone as we can together so we also rob God. So humbleness and time alone and together with God is an asset to any marriage and success is given by God. And a successful marriage is sweet and productive. What a blessing!


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