Back to Life After Death

I could have said “resurrected” but that is much too important a word spiritually, but it is sort of. Let me explain. I was dead for a while, having undergone vital losses at once, of course the most valuable being my daddy, and I was in a bit of a spiritual slump as well. Caretaking and watching the decline of the most important person throughout my whole life plus the whole rest of life is a challenge for even the most energetic and driven of us. There are human limitations on this superwoman after all. Lol And I withdrew from society after the Memorial services were over and I don’t remember most of it all. I left Facebook, Instagram, contacted as few people as possible, left a text me if you need me sign and hunkered down at home with my little family, going out when needed or when the kids needed and living quietly and cried a whole heck of a lot more than during my entire life before that. And meanwhile, God was drawing me to Himself and to my family and especially to my good husband who I had neglected during it all, poor love. And I can say that I am emerging from my cacoon a different but still recognizable person and in a few healthy months my superwoman cape should fit again and I will obey God with all my heart and take amazing care of my husband and family, practice more, write another book, record more original songs (my hubby bought me a new keyboard for such a thing), paint more, gig well and more and have fun in life. And most importantly, God is my number one priority as He is of far greater importance in life than anything else. He revived me and I give credit solely to Him in healing me and reviving me to life again. I had nothing left and He never left me alone and loved me back to life. What a mighty God we serve!!!


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