In Search Of

We are again searching for a new drummer for our oldies rock and roll band. Reliable musicians are sometimes not so easy to find in our neck of the woods. Sometimes it is the drummer who is unreliable, sometimes their spouse is jealous (and psycho), sometimes they get sick which is unavoidable. Regardless, it is how it is. The thing is that we can search for what we want but there is a better way. We can pray for God to provide. Sound silly? It would if you didn’t remember that God loves us and cares about those details in our lives. He also knows who is andvailable and would fit in with our group. So here is another viable option… prayer. Meanwhile, we put out ads and keep our ear to the ground and see what happens. I no longer believe God only cares about big things, He cares about the details too. He is an accessible God, a loving God. True, He is not interested in making us filthy rich for no reason but He cares who we adopt into our band family. He cares about us, about me.


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