Recovering from Our Own Bad Decisions

No one decides audibly and suddenly to make their first bad decision that leads to a bad habit or many bad habits over and over, called addictions nowadays, or decides suddenly to make repeated decisions that lead them to destroy their lives or everyone’s around them. No, it doesn’t work that way. We might have something bad happen to us or have an emotional low or undergo a betrayal or have bad people tell us or do bad things to us or die or whatever, but something bad generally gets us low and we make one vulnerable decision to ease our pain somehow, could be with drugs, porn involvement, alcohol, sex, making money, gambling, starving ourselves or gorging then throwing it up, excessive food, u healthy relationships, whatever it might be. Then, the temporary feeling generated is incentive to do it again, and it is easier the second time. This behavior becomes the go to behavior to feel better. It is justified and denial sets in, lies always always follow to cover up, guilt sets in, you feel uglier and guiltier, you feel bad about it and more secretly continue the behavior. All this is one bad decision after another. The beauty of this is that at any point, we can also choose to make a good decision and try something that has long term peace and joy and truth attached, like praying to God, reading the Bible, hearing Christian music on the radio, something positive and eternal. Bad decisions can be changed by good decisions. God always helps when we ask Him to and He always knows who He made us to be so forgives so readily and is never surprised. Shame is a lie. God knows who He made us to be and loves us drastically, perfectly. He is for us, has our back. And we are so incredible with such great promise and there is always hope in the Lord Jesus Christ. One good decision at a time is the way out. It can be done. I did it. I understand. I love you too!!! Just make this decision good. You got this!!! God helps! 🙂

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