Hope Stomps In with Muddy Boots

Our expectations are powerful. We do not always expect things to go the way they do. Most of the time, our expectations and hopes are golden. We e left Jesus Himself to swoop down and rescue us from every difficult situation. He does not work that way. He may send angels and He has sent the Holy Spirit but quite often, we are going through difficulties to build our faith, build our character or prove ourselves so why would He rescue us without letting us be tried or proven? No, the expectation is wrong. Hope stomps in with muddy boots, the majority of the time. He goes through it with us, warts and all, dirty and gritty. The hole is that we will come out better, more mature, wiser, built up, reliant more on God, worth more to Him and those around us, more perfected, holier. And we are NEVER alone when we belong to God along the journey. That is the hope. Change the expectation, change the hope. And then when it comes stomping in with you in the more, you will see it and appreciate it for the perfection that it is. You are so very truly purely loved!!


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