The Truth About Cats & Choices

While different cats have different personalities, having had many cats throughout the years and being thus somewhat of an expert, they all behave in some very similar and rather predictable ways. All of them sleep a lot. This is important because when awake they are very much energetic and busy. All of them eat a lot when they are awake or do their best to. All of them in time get used to you and socialize with you, by cuddling or tolerating your existence or being in the same room with you or playing with you. All of them talk when they have something to say, some have more than others. All of them, if you stop feeding them and they can get away, they will leave and find food. After eating if they like you otherwise will return. If you mistreat them, they will escape if they can. What does all this have ro do with the price of eggs? We all, every human being on the planet, needs certain things. We all have different personalities (some people several) but we all need certain things to live and survive and thrive and all of us are somewhat predictable to an extent with what we need. When we don’t get it, if we can, we eventually get away and find what we need. This sounds selfish to some and base/rudimentary/feral, but there it is. People run away from people/situations all the time to get what they really need. We all have those needs. But the thing that separates us from animals is that we are complex in our brain development in that spiritual matters/God are important aspects of our lives and we live by a set of moral laws and higher thinking with a complex language. We are not just feeling, emotional beings, we also have a spirit and soul that yearns to please and worship our Creator. When we don’t please and worship God and instead fill up on substitutes (like addictions, other people, our own abilities or looks, some hobby that takes over all our energy,  whatever), we keep chasing that satisfaction that will never come unless we do what we are designed to do. And listen, nothing in our past or present is big or ugly enough to keep us from changing our focus to please (by obeying and praying) and worship God. Then bam! New life, no need to run away anymore. There is peace and joy in every aspect of your life when you please God and worship Him as you were designed to do. And not doing so deprives us of our God given destiny for peace and joy. That choice is ours alone. 


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