Seeking and Finding God

I always wonder at people who are seeking God and His will. The first part is rather awkward if you think about it. It is like walking through the woods and becoming frustrated because you can’t find any trees. God made everything and He is everywhere. He is always eager to have a conversation because He happens to love us and thinks He did good making us (and He did!). So, it isn’t a matter of seeking God like He is lost but like we are. Deciding to hear Him is the thing, realizing full well you may have to change be some stuff for Him to be a regular part of your life, well that is what generally keeps people seeking half-heartedly and not finding. And His will is almost as easy to find. His Word (the Bible) is His will. Obedience is what He wills for us, our hardest and most rewarding job. Worship He requires and that is easy. No one is better or stronger or more artistically rich or smarter than God. So there it is. Is a relationship with God that simplistic? Yep. It is. That is as long as we avoid distractions and wrong turns along the way. And He is accessed best by  believing and thanking His Son Jesus Christ for saving us from our sins. Jesus is our mediator between a holy God and us because He lived as we do and understands us better than we do. So there it all is. The whole kit and kaboodle. How to be saved and assured that we will walk with God now and forever when our now is our then. And all of life is better closer to the One who gave it to us. He is amazing! 🙂


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