The Forward Initiative

I hate New Year’s resolutions. Mostly because I am a much better starter than finisher in general and I am a strong proponent of honesty. In addition, there is little value in sudden moral initiatives set upon a certain day other than right now. The idea of suddenly being good in some arena to me diminishes somehow the necessity to be good in that arena now. If it is good, be that now, do it here onward, there is no magic in a certain day. So, now that you have my philosophy in hand, I am most definitely a proponent of initiating a forward, good, positive momentum in life starting right now. I have suffered to varying degrees for the last while with unresolved past issues. I have had one eye forward and one eye back. Not only is this crazy to look at and extremely uncomfortable, but it also prevents such a forward initiative. So, I have released the past to take care of itself after having done all I can do in the forgiveness department and I am onward to the present now with hopes that a greater future awaits me with the Lord. And God is big enough to help all this happen smoother and healthier and with much greater impact. And so here we go. Once I decided this, I have renewed hope and a really great feeling. My family can serve the Lord with renewed clarity and singleness of mind. It is beautiful!!! 🙂

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