Christmas Present and Christmas Past

So because our church had Christmas service this morning and we needed to be there to play in the band, we celebrated Christmas yesterday, on Christmas. And by us, I mean my husband, two kids, mom and myself. Tiny. Happy. Not quiet but peaceful. And there is a lot to be said for a birthday party celebration early because today was calmer and reflective and enjoying family time and new toys and relaxation. It is a beautiful thing. Might just make a thing of it. One restaurant we liked was open so we all dove into the buffet at Golden Corral after church and I didn’t even have to cook. So there is a calm in the house, especially now after I finished rearranging the family room to accommodate a new mounted on the wall smart tv, a little work. And we can play games and snack on homemade cookies and put on fingernail polish (yuck, not for me, for my daughter lol) and rest and ride bikes and play tennis and celebrate the beautiful Savior of the world’s birthday together. Love this day. Love it more now.


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