No Woman, No Cry

I love Bob Marley’s songs, for the most part, love reggae too. It is happy music. Even sad lyrics sound happy to a reggae beat, ever notice that? It breathes life into an old idea. And I love his song No Woman, No Cry. It reminds me that a real man cares for his woman. Very few people seem settled within themselves to be content with one person for a long time. And with everyone their own God or at the minimum selfish and prideful, it is only the morally upright and others-orientated and God fearing/serving that stand a chance. Compromises must be made by both parties. Many of my friends and I in times past have cried at the insensitivity and selfishness of her spouse. I am sure that is visa versa also I hear lesson that. And it is sad when two grown up people can’t be big enough to drop the pride down and lift their spouse up. It is sad. But there is hope because God is still on the throne. And God will sometime relatively soon come on back and we will not cry again. It is a beautiful thought.


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