Just Past A Week Left

People doing a 300+ day countdown for Christmas annoy the heck out of me. I really don’t get why you don’t live life now and feel you have to waste it looking forward to something so far away. Tomorrow is not promised to any of us. But now we are at 10 days out and that is pretty exciting. Lol 🙂 It is great to have kids to get presents for and watch their greedy little faces rip open their presents and just laugh because you put a $5 bill in box within box within box etc. And they are about to go crazy. Lol 🙂 So here we go soon into presents time but let us never forget the sweet baby Boy whose birthday we are celebrating and don’t forget a little cupcake or cake remembering what it is really about, an extension of the most important gift we have ever been given, salvation through Jesus. 🙂


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