Christmas Cheer Minus One

Last year, we had Christmas with Daddy at Mom and Dad’s house. Even dementia laden, he still managed to bring happy to any occasion. He was the best celebrator because he did everything big. He lived big, wore muscles big, talked loud, was present big, you knew he was there. His whole being emanated bigness, presence, love of life, celebration. And when he passed in October, it took me a while to catch his spirit and carry it on. But I am there now. I am happy to be alive, you know when I enter a room, I am living big and feeling great about life like he did. God allowed that transfer to happen. And where other people would be sad about missing their loved one, and I do, I am choosing to honor him by living how he lived, loving how he loved, celebrating how he celebrated. I have many many happy memories with him and I carry those forward, I share those with my kids. That is the focus. Life!!! So during these preparations for the celebration of the greatest Man-God who ever lived, I celebrate the spirit of the greatest man who ever lived. Happy, happy, joyful, peaceful, loving, celebrative Christmas to you!!!!!!!


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