Romance vs Loyalty

The thing is romance can only be sustained in those versed in it and willing to maintain it. And romance looks very different after a few years because deeper things have been shared than a roll in the sheets. Children and a family have been made. Vacations have been shared. House and cars have broken down and needed fixing together, finances have been high and low, pets have been experienced, death of loved ones has happened. I have friends who have divorced because romance is gone so they don’t feel the infatuation anymore and Hollywood had them expecting that for life if it is “real love”. Infatuation phase is short lived, very short lived if the other person is not romantic in nature. And some people are not. But there is something incredibly romantic about a man who has seen you at your worst and stayed with you, a man who saw you fall on your face and stayed with you, a man who knew you had as much weird extra energy as wisdom so stoked and stayed with you, a man who saw your incredible success in home and business arenas and stayed with you. Loyalty is romantic. It requires a lot more effort than just some flowers and a mariachi band. It requires time and dedication to the marriage, selflessness and cooperation, pitching in when one is sick and running to the store for 7up. There is a comfort not hearing how beautiful you are but showing a beauty that is real by proving it and staying forever. And what I am saying is that one person’s idea of Romance does not have to be dictated by anyone else’s experience or what movies tell us they should be but what could be the most to you. God says stay together and you do and that is romantic. There are billions of other women and here you stay with me year after year and that is romantic because it proves I am special and you have good taste. Lol Feelings are certainly not everything. In fact, they matter less than your ideals and moral standards in the long run. Feelings are to get you into the relationship and beliefs and God hold you there in it. That is incredibly romantic.

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