The Sick and the Dead

I felt like dead warmed up to a fever today, couldn’t keep a thing down, feverish, painful, both sides giving me heck. It was ugly. And I woke up at 9pm with at fever broken and no more getting sick but very tired. And my hubby was kind and generous enough to go to the store and get me a tome 7up to keep down and feel strengthened. It works for me. And I thought that I missed the day, was ill and the kids managed, though the house will be fun to clean up tomorrow and I am glad I was sick and not dead. And I know that is a weird thought, but when my daddy died for a minute I thought he was the lucky one, the escaping the darkness of this world and going to heaven one. I was a little jealous. But then I was sick today, very sick. And I woke up finally feeling better and am really glad to be alive. I am glad to have more time with my husband and friends and family. I am glad to help some people who cross my path. I am glad to have a job from God to do and be productive. Sickness is sometimes a gift because it makes you appreciate life more. I am thankful!

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