The Power of Love

Love in its purest form is the unconditional type from God. People are really good at putting conditions on love because we are flawed. We want things our way, we are afraid to give in too much or let our guard down too much because we can’t handle the thought of rejection or hurt. So we as a society tend to put conditions on people, complete with our judgmental ideas. Some are worse than others based on their pride level. In fact, some say they will only give love if you act like this or keep away from these people or so on. This is not love. Like I said, the love God teaches and shows us is unconditional and accepting mixed with truth of who He is and we are as His workmanship. I love like this to the best of my ability. I am a very deep feeling creature so I do have emotional hurt when love is unreturned or disrespected but someone else’s behavior to me does not change my love for them. I can love anyway. I choose to love anyway. In fact, I cannot love any other way. I am all in or nothing at all. And that can hurt deep when thrown out but the amazing thing about God and His love. He repairs it and grows me and does this so well that I am stronger and love even deeper. I think we as God’s kids need to love people like that. More powerful than any controlling darkness and evil surrounding us, even coming into our homes, God help us, His love is what can counter that. God’s truth and acceptance and love is a beacon light, an all powerful force standing up to any opposition. I am proud of Him. I want to love like that. I choose to. It is risky to love passionately and exposes you to severe damage and torment but God will always heal that stronger. Always. He honors us loving well and serving well. He blesses that. I love you! I always will!

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