My Best Friend

Jody and I were playing on the ride on trucks in the twos and threes Sunday School class, both very into playing hard and generally only with each other. We look up at the same time and see this skinny little prim and proper girl with a shiny headband in her short proper chocolate hair and the shiniest black dress shoes at the end of bright white tights we ever had seen in our lives. Our first impression of this picture perfect little shy girl with chipmunk cheeks was as unforgettable as the unforgettableness of her stunning internal beauty this best friend of mine has been in my life. Let me tell you the enormous blessing from God my best friend is. Since that day, we three were the “Three Musketteers” and we’re as together as you can be living separately except for sleepovers. We went to church together, school together, parks together, everything. Since the age of three we have had each others’ parents raise us as well as our own. Now, Jody went away from us in high school when she went to a different school and followed a different crowd but we still miss and love her desperately. But despite everything, Shawny and I have been best friends as long as we can remember. And even though we married and have kids and live far away from each other, we see each other when we can and always keep in touch regularly and inspire each other in the Lord. When I am weak, she is strong and visa versa. We help each other and know each other inside and out, probably more than we know ourselves. Lol I am so very blessed to have this amazing woman of God in my life and I want to publicly thank God and her for the gift that she is. No better hearted person exists in the world. She loves on her teenage girls and husband that try her enormous patience and never gives up on them. She loves God with all her heart and never gives up on Him even when she feels like little is happening. She never gives up on me and accepts my weirdness as a part of me and that is truly heroic. She gets me and pretty much no one else truly does but Jesus. I feel so very special and nd honored to be her best friend and I will continue that role until the day Jesus calls me/us home. Thank you, Shawny! I love you!!! Hugs!!! Thank you, God, for her!!

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