The Talk of Fools

I used to talk way too much. Some say I still do, others that I should say more. I would argue that I talk very little, considering how much goes on in my head and I write way more than I talk. And the more challenges I go through, the more I write and the less I talk. But the talk of fools (I do not consider myself one most of the time but of course we all suffer from foolishness sometimes) is simultaneously comical and sad. It entails speaking at length and adamantly about that which you know little of. Besides the obvious political targets, I include in this category those who have judgmental and hypocritical attitides. And the judgmental and hypocritical ones are everywhere, inside and outside the church and politics and schools and media and everywhere. They seem ubiquitous. And often those who accuse others of judging or being a hypocrite are the most guilty themselves.  So, I thank these fine foolish talkers for their comic relief but I also ache and am sad for the danger of leading people astray. God says He really hates that. So please try to do the research and know of which you speak before you do speak. Thank you ahead of time. 🙂


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