Attacked Online

In a technology world, we get lovely sickos who use that technology to attack people in the privacy and cover of their own homes in complete safety and security. They live for preying on people. Of course if you do not use technology, you are protected but probably less able to function as time goes on. And many people have had identity isses and scammers or hackers or credit card thieves attack them or try something somehow. And that is horrible. Thieves have a curse on them. It is very terrible to take away what someone has worked hard for. But there are other types of wrongs done online on social media networks all the time. It is the glorification of ourselves and degrading other people. This is also stealing, stealing someone’s right to be as much of a child of God as you are. Not o E person, regardless of status, is any more important than any other person in existence. Every one of us makes mistakes, but every one of us is just as able to bow humbly before God and approach His throne directly in prayer. Every single person. When we use our words carelessly, we are in grave danger of Speaking against God and His creation. He pours a little of His likeness into each of us. We are all valuable. And when one of us is wrong, better to pray for God to help them ease back to the fold rather than attack them and create the potential of adding weight to their sin and matching that with your own. Just something to think about. 

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