The Virtue Line VS Dead Beat Dads

I am a child of God and love Him so much. I try to follow His will in my life and His instructions from His Word. But when I see dead beat dads, the most selfish and vile of all creatures, it instructions hard for me to keep my mouth shut and just pray for their sorry behinds. If you make a child together, it instructions as not cool, not okay, not Godly, not acceptable to go out and play and have your own way while the wife does everything, even paying. What narcissistic God of yourself are you serving that says you are free to go play and the momma has to go sit at home alone, rejected and now burdened with complete care of a child in every way. How is that in any way, shape or form fair? That is no man but a rotten spoiled boy. Absolutely pathetic. I cannot tell you how disgusting that is and how low would any creature in the world be to sleep with the likes of that, spoiled selfish brat boy. So you see my dilemma? How do I stand up for justice and still maintain my Godly dignity and love? If anyone has any ideas, please shoot them to me. Meanwhile, if you are a deadbeat dad, man up and step up to the plate. It is never too late to quit running away to play and start being a contributing father to your child’s life and their mother’s sanity.

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