On Children’s Ears

As a doctor of audiology, I understand and know a lot about our hearing systems. and we hear from inside the womb around five or six months (it has been a long long time since I studied that aspect), I believe it is but we feel the vibrations of life through the mother and incorporate that into our database long before that. We know mom’s and dad’s or significant others’ voices upon entering the outside but mom’s the most. But today, I got an eye opener. My 6 year old daughter was just singing a song while playing that to my knowledge she hasn’t heard since I sang it to her while I was breastfeeding her at the age of 2 (yes, I breastfed a long time). So all this talk about being able to say things around a baby because they don’t understand or won’t remember kinda flies right out the window to me. (I had checked to see if she had heard the song elsewhere and there was no indication or hint that she had.) So maybe kids are putting everything into their database brains to draw from later, all shaping what they know of the world. Anyway, just wanted to share that, aside from my usual life reflections. And let me say that God makes extraordinary people extraordinarily well and complex and beautifully. You are one of those. Me too. 🙂 Have a beautiful day! ❤


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