Chameleon People

Trust only God. God never told us to trust people. Some people (politicians, etc.) are known for being changeable, depending on the tide and popularity agenda or to rise up in power. Many many other people have adapted such chameleon behavior and are thus changing their behavior to people to suit their current emotion or whim or for personal gain or agenda. It seems a selfish world we live in now. And I am increasingly aware that we must be wary of people who are changeable. One mark of someone who is God’s is faithfulness and consistency of character and a match between words and actions. If people say they care and want to be with you one minute and then disappear for weeks with no word, their words are not matching their actions. Always believe their actions. Chameleon people change, good people should be consistent with matching words and actions. Beware the changeable. They are trustworthy and you must guard yourself against them. 


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