The Cats and Their Lady and Their Poop

Our neighbor is a cat lady for sure. in fact, their whole family is like that. They believe all the neighbors should be very happy and find it cute when their 5 cats (reduced now from 8) poop in our yards. No inconvenience really, of course I love stepping in cat poop every time we play catch in the back yard. Of course it is super cute to step on more cat poop with your good shoes on your way to the car. All good. Funny even. And I got to thinking about my words. I write a lot, being a writer, but I also (unlike many writers) am an extrovert so also tend to talk too much. And my excess of words, in and of themselves may not be bad per se but may be like my cat lady neighbor’s cat poop… unwanted and irritating, poorly timed and poorly placed if I am not careful. So, to remain sweet smelling and wanted, I must tame the savage beast of my tongue until it’s presence is requested or needed. Until then, I must maintain my boundaries and enjoy life alongside my family, embraced and protected by God. This is a higher calling and much more desirable. I want to be a good neighbor.


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