My Plans & Other Comedies

I am a planner. Don’t get me wrong, I love surprises (good ones), but I like to plan things so I can work toward a goal. Just how I am cut. But a really funny thing about my plans. They generally end up completely different than what I had envisioned. Sometimes that is a very bad thing for a bit and I end up learning a hard lesson from it but most often it ends up being better for some reason or another. You see, I have learned (mostly from those hard moments) that God’s plans are the ones that make it. And sometimes people’s free will interferes but even then He is never surprised. So, I may make daily plans now, but I stopped making longer plans unless I believe God has the same idea for us. His plans succeed, so I want to be on His team. So, I will follow Him and allow Him to lead me to the right plan and just do the right thing where I am at the moment. 🙂

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