On Moving On

Let’s pretend an enormous burden appeared in your life… theoretically, mind you, and you found yourself for some reason low on energy and high on clouded struggles. Then let us say that we were wise enough to pray and give these burdens to God, who is definitively much much stronger that we are. Then, we would be able to leave that burden right there on the street and move on down the road unencumbered. And were another burden to fall from the sky, we would instantly know what o do and humbly pray gain and so forth. And the mystery is that it really should be this simple to traverse life’s challenges but we have other distractions involved like health or emotions or people we love or respect pulling us this way or that. So, I do not have all the answers yet, but I believe he pattern of humble prayer is a great start or these other distractions too. Just a thought, something to try. đŸ™‚


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