The Value of a Person

What a person is worth does not depend on the worth anyone but God puts on it. This is due to the simple fact that God lovingly planned, designed and formed every single person as a baby in a mom’s tummy. Every person’s worth is therefore not in the least determined by anyone else’s opinion or calculation or judgmental eye or critical mouth. A person’s value does not depend on how anyone else treats that person, such as a spouse or lover throwing them away for someone they at least momentarily deem more worthy. Their opinion of the worth being diminished may hurt the person thrown away and deemed rubbish by that person they had loved but it in no way really can ever diminish one iota of worth and true value of that person. A girl deemed unimportant by some creature rapist still has the exact same value and worth as God initially put on her. A person constantly abused or put down by their parents or siblings or family member is still of no less worth or value than God decided long ago. A baby deemed unimportant by the mom who chooses to destroy him or her because of their bad choice is no less valuable or worthy than God originally designed. Even the rapist or murderer has intrinsic value and worth, though they have chosen to use it to attempt to diminish another’s for their evil gain (and should be punished for that decision). The thing is, our Creator determines the value and worth of the created. Other created beings, no matter how much power or influence, cannot remove or lesson that worth one tiny little bit ever. To feel of little value is not the same as having little value. Just because someone else or many other people do not appreciate your value does not lessen it at all. Nothing can. We can choose to be good or evil. That is our choice. But know that whatever choice you make, it does not change who you have the potential to be and the worth of you in God’s eyes. And because He does such good work, He loves each person He made fully. And because He is eternal, He can always, with just one humble prayer, go right back to the day He lovingly made you and see you there in all your innocent worth. You are worth everything. You are valuable. God loves you unconditionally and fully. This is always the truth. He may not like what we choose to do but He is so willing to forgive and forget when asked because we never cease being His baby. I am someone’s baby, no matter who throws me out or criticizes me. I am God’s baby. So are you.


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