One Beam of Light in the Dark

Hope. Hope is light. Hope is God. God is light. When darkness surrounds us, and it is getting darker by the minute, we have another option. We don’t have to follow the distorted rabbit down the rabbit hole. We do not ever have to conform to darkness. If we did, there would be less light in the world and less hope. Hope is light. Hope is God. God is light. In us, we have His light when He saves us through Jesus Christ, our Messiah and Redeemer. That is all the light we need. It takes one beam of light to penetrate and chase off the darkness. That is all. One nugget of God-ness in this dark world and His light shines through us enough to send darkness running. Sure, sometimes it leaves after a swift kick or cursing or mean words or other ugliness, but if we keep our light lit, the point is that it does indeed run. Darkness hates the positivity of Light. Darkness hates hope, hates light, hates God because they are all from God. Our one little Beam is so much stronger than we realize at the moment. It travels far and affects much. From the air, when I am flying, one light on in someone’s house shows up in the night and warms that home with it amidst surrounding darkness. A small house light makes that much of an impact. Never underestimate the immense power of God in you and the hope you have. You radiate much brighter and more meaningfully than you realize. And you can, just by shining all the time, spread your light to others so desperate for it. Light always trumps darkness.


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