When Life Feels Lonely

I know I am really never alone. God is always with me. Since losing my dad and a very good and well loved friend of mine and social connections s on Facebook with my family up north, I struggle with loneliness. This is new for me. Ever a dominant extrovert, solitary loneliness is a brand new problem. I am not alone, my brain and the facts tell me that, I have God and my little family. But I have been feeling very lonely lately and isolated and I hate that. Feeling and knowing are quite different, I understand. I have yet to sort out how to fix this. I am praying and waiting for something different to happen. I figure it is one of those tests of character or preparations for something big coming down the pike or something. I am trying to focus on good things and work on teaching, working, cleaning, things I have to do and praying. So far it is not helping but I will continue this and hope tomorrow is a fresh start to an attitude change. I do not want to add to the negativity in the world. I want to be a positive force. I want to shine my light for the world to see God through me. So I will press forward in faith and trust that God always keeps His promises. He always does.


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