The Strength I Have

 greatest strength is my ability to be humble and let God move in me. Now this doesn’t always happen, so stoked my pride gets stuck on, I confess. Sometimes I am a child wanting what I want when I want it, as ting my way, like the Chairman of the Board (Sanatra). Sometimes, I am quite sure I know the correct way for everyone to make decisions concerning things in my life. Sometimes I want something I cannot have and justify it. But all those confessions aside, I am one of the strongest people in any way that I know because I can shut that ego down a d get alone with God and instantly and humbly realize how tiny I am in the scheme of things and realize how enormous Focus and that all this is about Him and not me. It takes strength to be small. It takes maturity to realize how very small we are. And the whole while, I realize my complexity of makeup, my phenomenal beauty reflective of my Creator that I see in myself, the  sanitizing eyes revealing the beautiful soul He made me to be and just humbly appreciating His work in. E and everyone and everything else He made. I have a very great friend that is His masterpiece and I adore praising God for showing what He’s made of in the world and incredible and diverse people He has lovingly made on purpose for Him. How incredibly humbling to reflect the most powerful and loving and caring God of all the we know! Floors me. The is awesome power in that. There is incredibly great power in humbleness. Any pompous creature can celebrate themselves as if they made themselves. A strong person acknowledges and celebrates God for His reflection in what He made. And when one is humble, God appreciates and rewards your appreciate nation and shows you even more of His beauty, His power, is ironic but truly powerful and deep and beautiful. Try and you will see. 


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