Facebook Withdrawals

Today I deleted my facebook account. I missed it, missed knowing what was going on in people’s lives and being connected with them, seeing their pictures. I realized how much I relied on that to feel connected to people instead of just being with people or talking to them. I miss those far away, especially those I love that love me, but those close to me had greater meaning and prominence. I was more present during band practice today. I focused more on my kids and made more meaningful moments with them. I was more present. And I see where I had a dependency on that which is far away rather than focusing on the task at hand. I tend to want to connect socially with those far away rather than work on present tasks with those in my path now. My journey has shifted. I am always learning. I will always love those near and far who are in my circle of friends and family, all fellow journeyers, always. I am loyal and cut like that, but I must focus on teaching my children and preparing them for life and teaching them to serve here. So each day will have challenges and distractions, but with God’s help, I will focus more and more on the moment and task at hand and less and less on those things. And Lord willing, we will learn and grow every day and grow in wisdom and knowledge and understanding to serve God and those He made better. 


2 thoughts on “Facebook Withdrawals

  1. I tried doing that, but I have used it too often to login to other accounts and if I delete it, I cant get into my other accounts. I would have to spend a ridiculous amount of time to be completely free from Facebook, so I relented, It’s evil that you cant do without 🙂

    • I thought so too. I relented to letting it go. It lets a lot of other things go but I found myself it has been best for my journey. Everyone must do what is best for their own journey. We all have a different way of travelling. There is no right answer to how we get where we are going. 🙂

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