Junior League Baseball

My son is playing baseball now. While there are strong likenesses, such as a bat and ball and glove and bases and general rules very similar to when I was in it, there are a myriad of differences. We had things like scores back then. Call me tyrannical but they were pretty important to us back then. They don’t keep score now. How do you know which team won? Well, it doesn’t really matter because we are all winners. What? Yes, that is exactly how real life is. Oh wait, no it is not. And there is a poor girl on this boy’s team who is identifying herself as a boy. She looks like a girl, plays like a girl, whines like a girl, has body parts like a girl. Really? The boys and I have no problem with her gender confusion at all, she can be whoever she/he wants to be, but golly pick another sport because she/he can’t catch, throw, hit a ball, run well, anything,and well that used to matter to the team. They boys have to pussyfoot around her tender feelings and agenda drama I stead of playing the game. They just want to play ball well and we have a soap opera. Also, coaches can no longer call someone’s insane wild throw what it is. It is all good effort now. Really? Good effort is not throwing the ball to third where no runner is headed instead of to first. That is insanity not a good effort. Baseball is to reflect life. What boss in the universe is going to celebrate your effort if you send the proposal to the wrong company? Hmm? Call me old fashioned but we used to celebrate the heck out of success and when we won it was glorious and we got banana splits for home runs. When no one wins, what is their motivation? Celebrating good efforts and meldrama and mediocrity? Things have changed and I am very concerned about our current state of wussiness. 

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