The Right Stuff

What is right to do is what has always been the right stuff: loving people because they are lovingly made by God. There is nothing more right than that except for loving and celebrating/worshipping God Himself. Our mission in life, our purpose and meaning is just that simple. This is the will of God. We love Him and love each other. Everything, even salvation, is based upon those things. We are saved because we love and honor God and He said to follow Jesus. We exist to serve,care for His work a ship, worship God and love each other. This is simple stuff, uncomplicated. The right stuff is simple. Of course, complications and distractions are everywhere. It is easy to be pulled away from what is right. Very easy. But we have God’s Word to anchor us and prayer to focus us. And this is how we keep the right stuff as our protocol. There is innate beauty in the simple.


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