Walking On with What Matters

Along life’s journey, as we walk on, some things matter but most things don’t. The things that matter really, really matter and everything else is pretty much distractions or opposition to our making those things matter. Life is pretty simple. The entire spectrum of our emotions are exeedingly complex and I wrestle with controlling those, especially now with grief fresh and hormones trying to eat me alive sometimes. In a related story, things like puberty and perimenopause complicate these emotions immensely. But I digress. The few things that matter are God the Creator first and foremost, the fruits of the Spirit (God’s love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self control), ourselves, family (blood and adopted), nature, and other people in our close proximity. That is the order and the content. That is it. The stuff of our lives, the places we live, furniture, tv, cars, money, whatever else are only important as it helps with those important things. The rest of it is nonsense, people’s drama- their own and what they inflict onto others- is unnecessary and even dangerous to the important things. In fact, we need to protect our important things from these distractions and/or attacks. They need to be avoided because they fight for rights to your thoughts and heart and only take, never give. I am seeing these things more clearly. Since my Daddy died, it feels like I received a portion of his focus he was so good at and I never was. I seem to have been given a gift from him by God to help me cope and journey forward. And this strong bent toward that which is important is drumming in my heart. I am asking the question, “Before I pick this up and walk on, is it one of my important things? Who is it benefitting if I pick it up?” Introspection. If it is not important, leave it there and walk on. If it does not benefit those important people, leave it there and walk on. That is my plight, my very new talent and ability. Thank you for passing this gift down to me, God. I am thankful for it. It keeps crazy away and feels so good to be focused with a clear heart. So take care what you pick up as you walk on. Maybe we can help each other out.


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