Begin Again

On Netflix tonight I watched a movie called Begin Again. It was a wonderful movie full of hope for beginning again after different social possibilities in life. And it had music and so of course it was even better. I highly recommend watching it. But it set me to thinking about the different ways we grow and mature. We trudge through relationships like water when we are young, some blowing away like dried leaves blown in the wind, some piercing like a heart attack. We find that one special person to marry and maybe have kids and maybe face divorce with them. That is my story anyway, and maybe meet someone you can finally count on and keep moving. Complex life. Nothing is calm and easy and shallow like the Brady Bunch and the Cosby Show promised, people don’t always stay like on Friends. Some people really only care about themselves. And then through all that, a parent might go off to heaven. And then the one constant person who loved you unconditionally and your steady rock is removed from under your feet. And it can all look incredibly hurtful and hopeless and just really sucky. But. A very important word. But. You look and your kids are there and you suddenly get that you are their rock. You are their support system. And who you are with, your spouse needs you. And you see amazing and dear friends draw close and hug the tar out of your soul when you need it most and expect it least. And biggest of all that is God. He is the Rock of the universe, Father of us all, lover of our souls. And with Him, what else do we need? Everything tangible is easy to remove from our person. But our Maker who loves us and stays with us can create things from nothing. He makes ingredients not just recipes. He is pure and potent love. What the heck am I wanting more for? I am the richest girl in the universe. And were I stripped of everything all of a sudden, even my dignity and validity, I would still be just as rich because God made me lovingly and I will be with Him when this brief life is over. I have absolutely nothing to fear or worry about and even less to be upset or sad about. We have and then we don’t but WE ARE because HE IS.


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