In the Scheme of Things

Not to sound crazy, but in the scheme of things, importance is measured more intentions than execution. Seems backwards, that what you do matters most, but I have seen many people do something that ended up pretty stupid but was done for the right reasons, and I have likewise seen some people do something that seemed right but for the wrong reasons. In the scheme of things, God knows everything and I firmly believe cares more about the intentions of the heart toward people and all of His creation than what we actually get to. Don’t get me wrong, what we do is important. I am just saying I think why we don’t is more important. Love in God’s eyes is opposite of what many other people think of as love. To God, love is patient and kind, good, faithful, be God, self-controlled, joyful, generous, peaceful, hopeful, accepting, affirming and uplifting. Other people think control and manipulations are more like it, with a blend of “transform into what I want”. And what we do for people around us that we love is motivated first by which form of love you  believe and follow and think, whether God’s good version or other people’s opposing version. You can not be proud and love so some God’s way because to love right you respect and honor the other person as equal to yourself in dignity and standing as a beautiful and spectacular creation of God. My daddy never had a lot of money. He used to tell me that rich people were rich because they didn’t give it away but he was rich because he gave. He couldn’t stand to walk by someone in need and not help. His motive was good love God’s way, though it looked like he gave away money we needed, a bad move according to many. But see, God always provided what we needed when we needed it. That is still true. I know is someone who drug her husband’s name through the dirt publically and manipulated by passwords and money and shelter to get what she wanted, an excellent example of a horrible example of bad ” love”. Going back to an abuser also is not love but some form of masochism where you believe the lie that that is what you deserve. So many schemes the opposers of truth and God’s love hold, but one way you can know a person’s motives is to see what their brand of love looks like and see if it lasts. God’s form of love is eternal, lasts forever. It is a lifestyle of love and not really a scheme at all. And God sees the heart, He sees mine. And God knows when my heart is pure before Him, regardless of whether what love I am pouring out is successful at it or not. Another person’s response is not my responsibility. My responsibility is to do my best to love God’s way the best I can. No schemes at all, a lifestyle of goodness to God’s creation. This pours goodness up to Him also. 


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