The Value of Friendship

The type of person I am and things I have gone through, I most often have a handfull of friends. I have lots of aquaintances but only a few close friends. I have some amazing family too (all but my parents are far far away), but I want to focus my thoughts on my friendships. The reason I keep my inner circle small is because they are special in that they accept me as I am and do their best to get me and love me. I value that. Whereas I don’t really trust anyone, I trust them most. I pour myself bigtime into my few friends and love to give and help and be there and apply myself. That is a lot of energy and depth of heart that only a few people can be safely loved properly before I am spent. I don’t have enough energy (and I have a heck of a lot, truth be told) to love everyone that well and deeply, and my love for my friends is deep. I am fanatically loyal and would gladly take a bullet or throw a punch for any of them and their families. Just how God made me. Why say all this? Am I glorifying myself? No. I am saying that quality is much more important than quantity with friends. And there is this myth that says your importance is measured in how many friends you have or how many likes you have or how many people admire you. That is not it. Your importance is measured by those who know you best vouching for your good name. It is people who have seen you love and operate saying that she does it well, I feel loved. It is in people saying, you can see the love of God in her, it just pours out. That is value. That is worth being respected and known. There is not much time in this short, fast moving life to really shine your and God’s light for the world to see and be transformed by. We make a difference in those God gives us to love. We are loved in return as God’s gift back. Those who do walk away really aren’t a waste because you maybe planted a seed of God’s love in them before they went. Who knows, maybe it helped. We can’t take it personally (after the hurt wears off, that is). They have their own battles and choices and consequences. But while in your realm of care and loving, care and love the best you can at every opportunity. You do not know what tomorrow brings. Value the people God brings you. Do not take them for granted. Honor their importance to God and in your life. Give them what you can that they need. Love them deep. Love them like it is the last day you can and you have a better chance of doing it well. Remember and honor your mutual Creator and steer each other to Him. He lasts no matter what. 

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