The You That You Are

You are a sum of parts, mainly a combination of who God designed/created you to be mixed with every person and experience in your life you connected and interacted/participated with. This includes upbringing, parental influence, friends, bad experiences, travel, great experiences, all of it. Who you are is not an accident, it is rather a fantastic many layered cake being made with a sum of unique ingredients. You are worth much more than some treatment you have endured and so much less worthy of rewards you maybe didn’t deserve but God felt worthy enough for His Son to die for you. That last fact makes you fantastic. This fact is independent of what good or bad ingredients formed you, does not matter your shape, your color, your cleanliness or dirt. You matter because the only and most powerful God declared to the world that you do and loved you enough to adopt you as His child. You cannot change who that makes you. We can show appreciation or not, that is our choice. But just do me a favor and let it sink in that you are worth God’s Son dying for you and He adopted you as his beautiful child, heir to the throne. Rise above today, knowing who you are because of who God is. Walk worthy of your worth. You are magnificent because of God’s opinion of you which cannot be changed. No one else’s fleeting opinion of you matters at all. Always remember this, beautiful child of God.


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