When the Past Won’t Leave

There are many sayings about how the past should be left alone E, should not be focused on, should not be given freelance because the now suffers. I understand that viewpoint. However, some of the best things in my life happened in the past, some long past and some recent past. These things go along with the other line of thinking to find hope and focus on this GS that are good and beautiful. So I don’t believe there is an either/or in life. I don’t believe we can pick one because really we live in both places. We need to live now but focus on the good and great and encouraging and uplifting, wherever that rests, either past or present. And I refuse to shake off those beautiful things that meant the most to me. They are worth preserving, worth cherishing, may never come again but at least you lived fully in those moments. So I will keep those, forever and forgive the wrongs and move forward in the now, realizing the importance of treasuring every good moment and living fully the life we have at our feet.

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