Plans, Ours vs. God’s

We make them like we are the boss of the universe and know what is going on behind the scenes and what will happen along the way in every direction at once with every party involved. Making plans is always a long shot, the farther you go into the future. And even now, you never know when that one drunk or texting person will be driving at you. I always make plans with a grain of salt and say “Lord willing”. See,God does know everything, the face stuff, the beginning d the scenes, everyone’s history and involvement and current events, everything surrounding the area, everything. And of vital importance, along with all His knowledge and power is the fact that He loves us and wants what is best for us. And when we pray for Him to take care of us, He knows best what that looks like and has complete freedom to go with our plans or entirely screw them up to do something better. In fact, He might see we need some work on an area and arrange the plans to accommodate that lesson. So, in our immediate and limited (being not omniscient) minds, we might get upset that God didn’t give us what we wanted at the moment and cater to our demands and plans. But really He is doing much more for us than we can imagine for our very best out of His great love and knowledge. Once we (I) get that, peace follows.


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