A One Sided Love

While searching the world for something amazing that captures our heart and we stumble upon that rare piece worth millions to you, delightful and exciting and you know this valuable piece is worth every penny. You save, you earn, you work your tail off for this one masterpiece, costing more than three of you.And you finally bring home this treasure and place it in the perfectly prepared spot with perfect lighting and temperature and humidity control and breathe a relieved sigh of satisfaction and gaze fondly at your prize, believe g it to be the very best in the world ever produced. Then, the masterpiece, in the morning, as gone and left behind was a note “Thanks for everything. Ran off with the print in the hall.” And you are left devastated that you had I vested so much I to this ungrateful wretch. You are not sure whether to be mad at yourself for buying into its value or its bad taste in running off for a cheap replica print or just disappointed I. All of society for being so full of lying narcissists. This is exactly what loving someone and not being loved back is like. I remember those days. I am happily married now but I still remember like it was 6 1/2 years ago. Lol And I got to thinking, really this is what God calls us to do and what He did for us. He loved on people and still loves on people who are stupid enough to even doubt of His existence, let alone love Him back. It is deplorable. Yet His love does not take it personally yet, He is patient, and my h worse He calls us to love these creatures. In fact, He commands that we love everyone and pray for them, even those who lie about us or call us names or hurt us in any way they can. We are to see the truth of how lost and pathetic they are and genuinely care enough to help them in any way we can. But God never gives us a directive without also giving us the means. See, He fills us with love as we spend time with and pray to Him and then we are renewed enough to be able to share love and pray for others. It is amazing how much wiser about people we are after a good long prayer.


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