Good Time Charlies

I have experienced quite a few good time Charlie’s in my days. In general, these are people who are fun or funny, generally full of it and entertain you and wish to be entertained in return. They are all about a good time. And when a good time is made for them, they thrive! It is amazing really. However, once some bad news comes down the pike, some sadness or some difficult situation or emergency arises and it is amazing how fast they disappear. Houdini has nothing on these folks. You will not even remember seeing them go, wonder later whatever happened to so and so. And when the dust clears and happy has come out to play again, they return as if nothing happened. It is extraordinary and they are very reliable with this disappearing act. You can absolutely bank on not being able to count on them. And these folks used to entertain me mightily. I love to laugh and they allow that to happen. However, I find myself now that I am more ahem mature, shall we say, I have less and less patience for those who I can not counting. They vex me now. Irritate me. I find I would much rather have a handful of friends I can count on (and they know of course they can count on me) than a million good time Charlie’s. The value of a friend is in their ability to journey through life with me and I with them, through amazingly beautiful terrain and really murky moors. All of it is life. Sometimes we need each other. Encouragement is a blessing I do not receive lightly. It is good to have a hug when needed, to spend time together in good or bad times, to help each other, to exchange blessings. Friendship takes on a whole new meaning when the friend loves back versus taking and running away at the first smell of danger. So, to all the good time Charlie’s out there, keep on making people laugh, honor your gift but until you learn to be a friend through hard times too, stay clear of my path. I have enough to carry with my true friends than to have to trip over you with your head in the sand. Peace!


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