Wrestling With Memories

Memories are the best things in life to hang on to when things get tough, putting a warm smile or jovial laugh on your lips to feel better about life. Or. Memories can claw your eyes out. Because our brains can not choose to store good memories only, they store everything. And if your life has been champagne wishes and caviar dreams and only amazingly happy and healthy, why, that is a wonder. For most of us in the real world, a different reality has been chosen by us making some pretty goofy or scandalous bad decisions. So on death days (when friends or family members die or people walk unexpectedly out of our lives), those bad me ories tend to rise up and try to steal our joy and kill our peace. They wrestle with us. They are tools of an enemy seeking to destroy us. However, when God is asked in, those bad memories’ power is deeply undermined by the superior Wrestler of all time. God can pull out the good memories and put them on the forefront of our minds. We usually are not so objective when so wounded. We need help. And if not strong enough at that moment, sometimes our friends hug and help us, pointing us to God and sometimes interceding for us. So, taking a lot of pictures of good times and glancing back at them is amazing for visual props. Some of us are so visual and need that. Some memories are still so vivid in our mind that we just need to focus and relax to recall them. But focusing on good stuff is a great tool. The other is worship.

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