The Knowing and Not Telling

Many years on this earth produces an accumulation of secrets, some my own and many of mother people. I will take these secrets to the grave with me. Why? Because I was asked to and I will honor those who put their trust in me. Also, because it is no one’s business but my own and the people involved. And what does blabbing someone’s secrets get you anyway? A moment of being the one who knows something no one else does? Quite the opposite, it tells everyone you tell that you are not loyalor worth trusting. It screams, “Don’t be my friend and trust me because I will tell your stuff too.” When you keep a confidence, you are honoring this who confide in you and validating their trust in you. You are telling them they matter and you have their back and love them. It is an honor to hold someone’s secret for them. Trust God that He can use you to be a refuge for people to point them to Him, the knower of all secrets.

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