One Thing Stronger than a Broken Heart

God made me such that my mind is strong. My will is even stronger. That is how I am cut, just the way it is, not because of me but what He wanted me to have. But when my heart is broken, which honestly is not a common occurrence, my broken heart, because I feel things so deeply, feels like the strongest part of me. In fact, it tends to trump any current logic or thought processes or strength of will. A broken heart rules like a greedy narcissistic tyrannical dictator with no remorse for pain afflicting on the rest of me. I believe this is true of a lot of us. And we kind of just give up and live this way because nothing we have in our toolbox is stronger. However, I have found (probably because so many people were praying for me) that one thing is stronger than a broken heart. Just one thing can eject this horrible ruling body from its throne. Humbleness. Yep, it is amazing how much natural power and payload it has in its arsonal. It is incredibly powerful, the strongest tool and weapon at our disposal. You see, with that one thing, we can bow in prayer and call on the unlimited and all powerful forces of heaven, I stantly gaining the attention of our allmighty and all-powerful Creator God and He readies His troops for battle and fights for you. You see it’s value. Without being humble, prayers or rants or fury or anger or anything else cannot break the back of the broken heart, that powerful wound. With humbleness and contrition, we call on the greatest force we know or can imagine and He can defeat our enemy within us. 


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