On Minor Setbacks

Healing is a process. There will be great days and days you wish you could stay in bed all day. The trick is to accept this as fact and not beat yourself up about it. Expect rain or blue skies and it may be a surprise at first which you bump I to. That is okay. No worries. God is your source of strength, remember. And if tears well up from a memory at 10:30am out of the blue when driving the kids to piano lessons, say, just let them quietly fall and whisper a prayer for God to hold you just then. He will. He always does. Not physically but in a much deeper soul way. And later that night, you watch a classic comedy like It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World and then you get great news that jogs you back to happy again. And it occurs to you that God is your go to hug source. He is always faithful and there and always loved you and does not drop you like a bad habit because something better comes along and He loves with the yummiest love that can exist. God’s love is very real and personal for what you need at that moment and never judging but always uplifting and always pulling the chin up so we see Him in it all. And He is truly all we need. In fact, if all we had was God, we would be extremely rich. He supplies our needs as we humbly ask Him to. Then He gives Eve. More most of the time. Nothing is too big for Him, nothing takes Him by surprise or overwhelms Him. This is important because He is our source of strength. 


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