Listening for the Tiny Voice

Pinnochio had Jimminy Cricket. The world at large has the idea of a conscience (even if it is largely ignored). We who are saved have the Holy Spirit. We are taught what to do in every situation, except that God speaks very very quietly and the distractions around us are really loud and demanding and busy. The still small voice is the one with the right answer. So sometimes we have to get alone in prayer to hear Him. Other times He positions us to be forced into solitude for that very purpose. I had this happen recently. I should know better but apparently I needed a reminder nonetheless and I had three important people removed from my life to bring me back to reliance on God, my absolute favorite place to be. God will use whatever method works for you to bring you back to Himself. He loves you and knows that He is the very best Father for us. We shine brightest when He shines through us and we walk with Him. And in the quiet and sometimes more so in loneliness and brokenness, we can hear God talk to us in our mind and heart. He is quiet so as not to overwhelm us and to give us peace and joy all twice His instructions or advice. And His voice is quiet to distinguish it from the loud noise of the world around us. 


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