The Joy of Regained Joy

Past the pain, if you are so fortunate as to have God’s help, you will find not only healing but joy. I mean laugh out loud joy where serious doses of peace are always present. When you have dug to the bottom of your soul, come up empty,then humbly ask and allow God to work on the restoration, Oh He does such an amazing job of it. For you see, He is able to when we have nothing left. And when He heals, His fingerprint and light are all over it. So peace and hugeous joy just radiate out. There is such big joy changes, I laugh and my kids laugh and I cannot be pressed down for this joy, even with grumpy people or criticism or bad news or financial limitations to a vacation in Figi, nothing. It all is okay and fun.I have been through a valley of the shadow of death literally and right now because of God’s amazing healing love of me, I am dancing at night in my room with headphones and great music (Wake Me Up and jazz) and I laugh and dance and worship and am so incredibly joyful. I swim with the kids and do not give a rip that you can tell two kids have lived in my tummy. So what! I am joyful. I am content. I can walk down the street and not have a care in the world. I can enjoy and not be annoyed by seeing masses of Pokemon Go players in my pretty park. Does not matter. Life is good. When you find this joy, or are given it rather, it comes with contentment. So all is not perfect. So what. It never will be until heaven. That is not what this life is for. We are here to look after the earth and each other and worship God. That is it. The rest is development and testing and pretty horrid stuff sometimes. That is just how it is. But joy and peace and contentment declare it as OK and bring it on, no worries. Joy is our strength because of this. Like diamond strong stuff for the soul. Amazing joy!!! Amazing God!!!


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