What Success Looks Like

Everyone has this fantastic idea of what success looks like, usually based on some nonsense about what success looks like on someone else or what they have been told by others or some high level of perfection. None of that is anywhere close to the whole story. You see, true success is being who you were meant to be (God’s child first and foremost) the best way you can and giving the rest to God to complete through you. That is it. We were made by God to use our gift to worship Him. If you can accomplish that you are a success. See how simple it is? Everything else is a distraction from success unless related to your main goal of success. What you look like is a stupid goal, no offense to my body perfection friends. So many gorgeous bodies out there on some the least successful people I know because they care more about their looks than their character or heart and are using their gifts to glorify themselves and not worship God. Accumulations of money do not equal success. It is easily stolen and taxed from you and then what do you have to show from your lack of generosity? Rich people are not successful if they missed using their gifts to worship God not glorify themselves. God is generous. Powerful positions are held often by very unsuccessful people for the same reason. Gaining power became their sole purpose often and gifts were used to elevate themselves and not worship God. See the simplicity? See the distractions? God gives a simple purpose. Every time. Success is no exception. Success is doing what we were designed to do for our Designer! That is it. End of story. I wish you success. You got this! Hugs!!


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