The Dance of Life

Life is like an epic dance. Some days it is slow dance, purposeful and impassioned, close and endearing, alive with excitement at the closeness yet relaxed at the slower pace. Some days it is a waltz, where you still have the closeness to another but you have to be diligent about your footwork to save the toes of your partner, fluid and enthralling yet requiring concentration. Some days are like a square dance, where this GS change and mix up in the confusion of the annoying music distractions, you feel a little dizzy and are not quite sure you remember where you started or why you are putting yourself through this horrible thing. Some days you are in a line dance, doing your own thing alongside others, all very similar but not quite, feeling pretty good when you remember how it goes but prouder still if you do it a little better than the others. Most days it is a mosh pit, people flailing around you, jumping this way and that to horrifying music, being run into at every turn, occasionally holding people up who seem ungrateful that you saved their life, dark, confusing. And a new dance to add is the worship dance, the new dance I have discovered where you celebrate your life and movements alone before God in worship to Him, celebrating the ability to move and be and do ding His strength leads you on and removes everything else. The beauty of dancing alone before the God who made me is a new thrill, a happy place, a peace and joy you have to experience to believe. Dance. Be free. Never let obstacles become ropes that bind you so you can’t dance or enjoy the dance. It is worth the dance. Every time.

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