On Misplaced Trust

As an optimist, I tend to see and look for the best in people. Even when it is not there. I tend to see people’s gifts and lots tial and love them and believe they are amazing works of art, all made by God but no two alike. I see people as valuable and precious and capable of anything God calls them to. Not only do I believe it, but I also support it. I pour into people to encourage that potential to shine. Because of this I have been hurt. A lot. My tender optimistic and encouraging heart been ripped to shreds. People I have poured into have found my love and encouragement as irrelevant to their lives and own desires. Such is life. But what I have learned is that I tend to put to much trust in people and not enough in God in these relationships. God is good and really the only One we can and should trust. And we cannot trust in people. People are not perfect and are only as good as the amount of God in them. Me too. Turns out I also am only as good as the amount of obedience to God I adhere to. So in a world if I creasing selfishness and self love, I need to keep checking myself and keep trusting in God only. I can encourage and uplift and help people see their potential but I should never forget to guard my heart and keep from trusting people too much. People are beautiful but also some of the most evil beings on the planet. It is their choice not mine which they will decide to be. And no one knows a person’s heart but God. Only God can be completely counted on and faithful. 


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